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SQlite Researcher

Your SQlite database manager, visualizer



The program costs 12 €, if you use the program as a demo it is still usable without restrictions. you can buy the XOJO source code for 199€.


Here are some features

SQlite Database support.

Save SQL statements.

Execute SQL statments.

Multiple editors per connection.

In-place data editing.

Create tables.

Delete tables.

Create indexses.

Create views.

Show Triggers.

Create temporary Relations.

Changecolumn data.

Show rwlation data.

Query editor.

Create new Columns.

Drag and drop of  tables from one editor too another.

Syntax highlighting.

Export data (Text, CSV, JSON).

Show Index Speed and analyze indexes.

Vacuum databse.

Optimice database.

Decrypt and encrypt databases.

Show pragmas.

Works on MacOS and Windows.



SQlite Researcher
12,00 EUR

SQlite Researcher is a SQlite database management Software for MacOS or Windows.

SQlite Researcher Source Code
199,00 EUR

SQlite Researcher is a SQlite database management software. Source code for XOJO (


Version 1.0.0 (19.11.2017)

- First release


SQlite Researcher for MacOS
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SQlite Researcher for Windows
1.0.0 in Development
Archivdatei im ZIP Format [14.8 MB]
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